Artists - Send Us Something

 we want to help you tell your story through the power of your art

Theatre is a great medium because it allows for the combination of many other art forms, there is space for creative expression with unlimited possibilities. If you are a visual artist, a musician, a comedian, or follow any other creative discipline and you are interested in exploring the possibilities of bringing your art into the world of performance, we want to hear from you. If you have an idea, even a half-formed one, feel free to send it over to us.

We are located in Portland, OR and local artists may have more of a hand in the creative process if they are able to be there in person, but we are open minded to working with someone remotely, it’s all new territory for us and if we’re all on board, we can make something beautiful.

As queer artists ourselves, we know that the need for community, for togetherness, has never been stronger, and it is our goal as a theatre group to lift up queer artists whenever and wherever possible. We will be heard!

Send us an email with your idea